Telecom Industry

A complete range of expert solutions adapted to telecom particular needs

Gave Electro has become a leading supplier providing components and solutions to the tower telecom industry. The fast evolution of telecom technologies emphasizes the need for a supplier that understands present and future needs, spotting market trends and developing advanced products that offer real added value solutions.

Engineered solutions

An extensive experience aiming at Capex and Opex reduction

A dynamic sector with constant technology evolution requires adaptive solutions able to perform under stringent conditions. 
A comprehensive range of configurations including hybrid power systems, stand-by transfers and by-pass schemes are part of the variety of solutions developed by an expert engineering team. 



Power supply available 24/7 uptime

Automatic and manual functional modes for remote or local operation. Mechanical (coil-free) stable position guarantees steady power supply. 

Motorised changeover switches

Parallel and Hybrid configurations

Energy supply on telecom towers require switchgear equipment with high electromechanic characteristics. Y Series motorised changeover switches are based on rotary cam technology which is widely known by its outstanding electrical endurance. Integrated mechanical and electrical interlocks ensure system safety and circuit isolation.


Rack engineering solutions

Customised designs

Integration of switchgear and controlgear components into confined spaces becomes a real puzzle when designing dedicated solutions. A wide range of compact products and a proven engineering experience are fundamental to defi ne the right product to each particular need.


Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

Telecom ATS Solutions

Transfer switches are at the heart of a multiple source power system where reliable remote electrical operation can be overrided by direct manual operation. Based on the installation characteristics we can design particular automatic transfer systems adapted to each application specific requirements.





New YT series Gave Telecom

Phase Selector