A reliable and competent partner

providing solutions in a market

in constant transformation


More than 75 years of experience

A leading company in its sector that, thanks to its quality, innovation, and commitment to its engagements, has gaindes the trust of its customers.


International presence

An extensive international presence in more than 80 countries based on our expert knowledge and the competitiveness of our solutions.



A commitment to R+D+i that is reflected in dedicating 10% of annual turnover to the development of innovative technological solutions to meet customer needs.


Decades of excellence leading industry changes


In an increasingly competitive environment, the basis of success is customer satisfaction, as they seek products and services of the utmost quality. 

The ongoing improvement of processes, products, and services is integral to our identity, incorporating best practices and the latest innovative technologies. An advanced metrics system enables us to monitor compliance with planned objectives.  

ISO 9011:2015     



Environmental sustainability constitutes a fundamental aspect of the company's core values and is an essential role in shaping strategic decisions.

Our ISO 14001-certified environmental management system is a tangible demonstration of our responsible commitment throughout all operations, with a focus on minimising waste and fostering sustainable practices within the organisation.

Incororating renewable energy systems is part of our initiatives to diminish our ecological impact.

ISO 14001:2015     

Innovation R&D&i

We foster a culture of open and collaborative innovation, engaging all levels of the organisation and external partners.

We specialise in project design, transforming ideas into products through various stages, including design, prototyping, laboratory tests, and production. The outcome is an innovative product that delivers significant added value to the customer.   

  • R&D&i > 10% turnover 

  • Technological surveillance unit   

  • Internal testing laboratory   







Working today on tomorrow solutions