Heating Ventilation & Air conditioning (HVAC)

Innovative solutions for HVAC Industry leaders

With more than 20 years of cooperation with the main leaders in the ventilation industry, our solutions are present in all types of residential, tertiary, community, industrial and infrastructure facilities.

We are manufacturers

We are specialist in creating and manufacturing customised solutions for the electrical control and protection of ventilation, smoke extraction and air treatment systems while complying with the highest standards of electrical safety with special focus on the performance against overload and short circuit condition. Our fire-resistant offer aimed at tunnels, parking lots, and underground facilities is leading the sector, being the only one that also includes cUL certification intended for the North-American  market.


Safety harsh environments

We have the skills to provide innovative and high-quality products that can cope with applications with the most demanding conditions of temperature, humidity, fire and other environmental factors. Our products are built to withstand severe environments such as extreme temperatures, pressurized water, floods, UV rays, corrosive substances, saline environments, impact hazards, etc. We also offer connection adaptions for power circuits and auxiliary circuits with section reductions, bimetallic connections, EMC shielding, signaling elements and ventilation elements.



Handles IP69K - A solution for heavy-duty cleansing environments

Handles with antimicrobial technology