State-of-the-art technology on substation low voltage components

Gave Electro has become a leading supplier providing components and solutions to the substations market. Application experience and engineering know-how are the base for developing dedicated products designed with the latest technologies.

High reliability

High component reliability is the key to ensure maximum power availability. Unique advanced
product solutions are able to deliver.

Integrating Gave products into existing systems is extremely simple. Discrepancy switches with adptative fixings, control relays in two module enclosures, motorised switches in confined size, they are all characterised by easily fitting into available installations.

Updating your facilities to benefit from latest technologies is now a smart option.

Discrepancy switches

Discrepancy switches are used to control, monitor position of disconnector switches and circuit breakers, and signal any discrepancy on their operation. They are also used to send short
impulses to remote controlled solenoids, meters, etc.

Discrepancy switches use latest developments on Led technology increasing signal reliability and remarkable for being maintenance free.

Network control relay

In HV/MV electrical substations, stability problems negatively affect the quality of the networks they feed. Detection of undervoltages and overvoltages or phase sequence are essential for service continuity.

The network control relay offers the ability to coordinate with the rest of the protections. Its high reliability makes it ideal for unattended installations, where speed of action is essential, thus improving network security.

Overlapping motorised changeover switches

Redundant batteries supplying power to substation PCM systems find an ideal solution on motorised overlapping changeover switches that switch between 2 or 3 battery banks without electrical break thus guaranteeing power supply continuity.

Local manual operation is also of great value during battery maintenance and replacement operations. Operating handle can be padlocked to safeguard switch position.