New range of handles with antimicrobial technology
An innovative solution to achieve safer production environments.

Nowadays, hygiene has become a key factor in a wide range of production environments. The high proliferation of microorganisms on the surfaces switch handles may cause the spread of infections and put the safety of the environment at risk.

Aware of the situation, Gave Electro has decided to develop a range of switch handles with antimicrobial properties that guarantees the elimination of 99.99% of germs, avoiding their proliferation and improving product functionality. In this way, we are able to contribute achieving safer, cleaner and better protected environments.

The antimicrobial technology is based on adding to the raw material of the product, silver ions that, thanks to their powerful physical properties, work permanently and continuously to make the product more hygienic.

At Gave Electro we also offer a retrofit solution to renew customers electrical installations in an easy and simple way. All handles have a slot that allows to remove the existing set and replace it with an antimicrobial one with a simple click.