New IP69K handles
A solution for heavy-duty cleansing environments.

Food processing machine safety and hygiene has been a constant concern in the food industry as reflected in

EN 1672-2 standard.

New range of IP69K handles comply with the standards design requirements and is ready to withstand the heavy-duty cleansing operations carried out in harsh industrial environments.

  • IP69K test

The IP69K test was designed to ensure that products can withstand high temperature washdown applications.

  • Guaranteed protection overtime

Gave has developed a unique solution based on a two-component seal that overcomes the challenges of conventional joints subject to cracks due to mechanical erosion and temperature changes.

  • Hygienic design

The new handle was designed with rounded edges, facilitating water drainage and applying antimicrobial technology in the product raw material to inhibit the proliferation of microorganisms.

  • Designed for industrial requirements

The IP69K handle is highly robust, including a number of intrinsic features that ensure maximum product reliability in industrial applications.


Watch this video and find out how it works.